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Your car rental least expensive in Agadir

The agency Essafi Cars facilitating your holidays in Morocco by offering you the best rates on car rentals in Agadir rental car at the airport of Agadir Al Massira, or downtown Agadir is Essafi Cars at your disposal and you book your car where you want. A serious team and responsive vehicles maintained in good condition, offering all-inclusive car loaction and without surprises.

Our cars rental rates urban ideal holiday is from 16 € per day without air conditioning and 17 € per day with air conditioning, including comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage and free delivery to the airport and the city of Agadir, we rent also a range of family car, road and 4x4 diesel. What find your cheap car rental in Agadir. l'assurance multirisque, le kilométrage illimité et la livraison gratuite à l'aéroport et sur la ville d'Agadir, nous louons également une gamme de voiture familiale, routière et 4x4 en diesel. De quoi trouver votre location de voiture pas chère sur Agadir.

  • Tariffs of hiring the lowest in Agadir
  • Unlimited mileage on the full range of vehicles
  • All risk Assurance
  • Free delivery of your car to go and return
  • Save the Agadir airport transfer
  • Car rental park serviced
  • Car rental compact Citadines and family ...

General conditions

Necessary documents and driver(s) information :

Conditions for the driver (s) (s) (s) designated in the lease Essafi Cars

List documants to provide :

Only drivers listed on our lease are permitted to drive the rented vehicle.

Length of stay and extension :

The duration of your rental is calculated by non divisible days , the time of release of the vehicle determines the time of retur

The tenant must return the vehicle to Cars Essafi the date and time set on his contract .

You can extend your rental agreement with the Essafi Cars , in which case you dervrez contact him as soon as possible so that it can manage its availability or suggest another vehicle.

Shipping & Returns from your vehicle :

Essafi Cars Book your car free and recovers your domcile or vacation spot in Agadir.

From 3 days rental , Essafi Cars book and gets you free your car from Agadir Al Massira Airport .

We also have an office in the city center to perform these operations .

Insurance of vehicles and passengers :

Our vehicles have a fully comprehensive insurance .

In case of accident or hooking an insurance report is required , you must contact us so that we can help you in the process. The constant insurance sold in Morocco in the newsagents and stationers .

Franchise: In case of partial or total responsibility of the driver in an accident or attachment (excludes : theft , fire , glass breakage , liability and passengers carried ) a non-waivable capped to be paid .
Payment and prices

Payment and prices :

Our prices are quoted in euros, they include unlimited mileage, all risk of delivery (from 3 days rental ) , troubleshooting and replacement vehicle insurance.

We accept Cash, Credit Card, Bank Transfer